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Welcome to our website we sell a range of air conditioning and heat pump products from Panasonic, Fujitsu, LG and Mitsubishi

If you are looking to purchase air conditioning or a heat pump you have come to the right place. With so many different products on the market it is often difficult to find impartial advice. Because we are not tied to any one manufacturer we can give you the best advice to which air conditioner or heat pump product is best suited to your requirements. We stock a wide range of brands such as Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu and LG to name a few. Another plus when you purchase from us is we offer our customers free technical advice during the installation process, should you need it. 

So if you have a question or query why not contact us today 0845 026 7796 or and we shall do our very best to help.

   Panasonic Etherea wall air conditioning

Panasonic Etherea From £582 Inc vat

   Mitsubishi SRK25ZJ-S air conditioining

    Mitsubishi SRK25ZJ-S £573 Inc vat

     Fujitsu wall mounted air conditioner ASYG12LE

         Fujitsu ASYG12LE £638 Inc vat

     Panasonic aquarea air to water

  Panasonic Aquarea From £2622 Inc vat

   Air conditioning installation kits

   Installation Kits From £140 Inc vat

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Panasonic Air Conditioning

Also known as reverse cycle heat pumps as they have the ability to either heat or cool. These systems will comprise an outdoor unit running either a single or multiple units. This indoor unit can be in different styles for instance wall mounted or ceiling mounted. Fundamentally these systems produce either warm or cool air which then can be used for heating or cooling. If you take for instance the Panasonic Etherea range of wall mounted systems these can very efficiently heat rooms such as conservatories and living rooms and come in a range of output sizes. Other features you may not be familiar with include a dehumidification function that can remove excess moisture from the air, should you suffer from damp in the area you are heating and cooling. Nearly all systems come with a handy hand held remote control, enabling you to control all functions easily via a touch of a button.  So as you can see these are far more than just  air conditioning units as people often tend to think.

Panasonic Heat Pumps

These systems gather heat from the outside air exactly the same as the air to air models but rather than producing warm air this heat is used to heat water via a heat exchanger. This water can then be used for heating and again via a heat exchanger to provide domestic hot water. Panasonic produce the Aquarea range of air to water heat pumps. Many models are available and we are more than happy to advice on which one might be suitable for your project. ASHP or to give their  full title air source heat pumps are one of the most economical ways of heating with the ever increasing cost of gas and oil can offer substantial energy savings.

Mitsubishi Air Conditioning

With Saturn Sales you can get personal, impartial advice when it comes to selecting the best air conditioner for your property. We have extensive experience, supplying devices from the world's most renowned companies, including those from Mitsubishi, Fujitsu and Panasonic. Our range of products is extensive and we aim to help you along the way to finding the perfect unit for your property. We will listen to your property specifications and requirements before suggesting which devices we think are suitable, giving you all the help and information you need to make the right decision.

On our website you can browse all of the products we have available and use the handy comparison tool to compare the ones you are interested in. Products can be compared in several ways including price, manufacturer, weight and dimensions. We have also provided a brief summary of each item and ratings based on customer reviews so you can see how each device is regarded.

Once you select a product you can purchase it through our website and arrange for one of our professional installation technicians to come and fit it for you. We can dispatch installers all over the UK and guarantee that your device will be fitted properly and to the best standard. If you would rather install your air conditioning unit yourself we have a full selection of installation kits available with all the components you will need to do it right. At all times we offer free advice and technical assistance so you can get the best from your device.

We have an incredible range of modern, top of the line Mitsubishi Air Conditioning units; each of which offers great value for money as well as effective temperature controls. These systems are popular in commercial and industrial spaces because they continue to function effectively even when used constantly in demanding environments. Each product has a rugged design and will offer many years of use. They are also incredibly energy efficient.

To get help finding the right air conditioning device for your property please contact us by calling: 0845 026 7796. Our friendly and experienced team will provide you with all the advice and support you need. You can also reach us by email at With Saturn Sales you will get the perfect devices to create the right atmosphere.

Fujitsu Air Conditioning

At Saturn Sales our aim is to help you make the best choice when you need an air conditioning unit. We have compiled a vast array of products from world leading manufacturers including Panasonic, Fujitsu and Mitsubishi, ensuring that our customers can easily obtain reliable, modern devices. There is a product to suit all properties in our range, whether you need a small unit for a conservatory or a large scale multi system for an office or retail space. Our vast knowledge and impartial advice means you are sure to get the right device, one that will satisfy all of your requirements and meet your budget.

We provide several different types of air conditioning units, including wall and floor mounted, ceiling cassette and multi systems incorporating different devices. You can choose from the type you want, the level of output you need and the range of temperatures you want to be able to reach with some units allowing both heating and cooling. All devices are available at great prices, sourced directly from the manufacturers. With us you never have to worry about not receiving the quality you need.

The biggest benefit of working with Saturn Sales is the advice and after sales support we offer. We have provided a selection of installation tool kits for those customers looking to install their air conditioners themselves. If you would rather have a professional do it for you and take advantage of the guarantees this offers we can help. We have a number of trained installers available to serve the whole of the UK, including experts with experience of both commercial and domestic installations.

If you're looking for Fujitsu Air Conditioning units we have several on offer and you can even use our useful online comparison tool to compare each model and see what they have to offer. If you find a device you want you can order through the website or call our sales line on 0845 026 7796. We look forward to helping you get a reliable and effective unit or system of devices.

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Of course, not all business premises are suited to wall-mounted air-conditioning systems.  You may run a business that has a warehouse, garage or workshop, and where you require a different form of heating appliance to keep the place warm.  Warehouse heaters are ideal for all types of warehouse premises, and come in a range of outputs to suit all sizes.

Alternatively, there are a range of Workshop heaters in the Clarke Devil heater range that are ideally suited to small to medium sized business premises.  These are all competitively priced, with the Clarke Devil 850 and 1500 models currently on special offer.

Cold Weather Kicks In

With the cold weather finally rearing its ugly head in late November, are your workforce complaining about how cold they are?  Maybe it's now time to purchase new or replacement workshop heaters.  We sell a range of different types of heater that are suitable for workshops and warehouses of all sizes.  For example, the Broughton FF12 heater is a fan heater that is ideal for the medium sized workshop - it is manufactured in the UK, and comes with a strengthened outer casing.  Don't hesitate to call us if you need advice.

Breaking news - 26th January 2016

We are currently selling a number of Clarke Devil heaters in our annual 'January Sale'.  The models in question are the Devil 350SP halogen heater (at just £129.00), the Devil 850 propane space heater (at just £145.00), the Devil 350 ceramic heater (from £101.00) and finally the Devil 6015 commercial fan heater (at just £173.00).  Next working day delivery is available on all of these models if your order is placed before 2:30pm.

We also sell a wide range of Broughton heaters, particularly their UK manufactured fan heaters in a variety of sizes to suit the vast majority of commercial and business premises.  Just click on the links to view further details.